Dr. Sunil Sugandhi  (Dean Academic)

Our goal is to change the world through education. It may sound idealistic, but this is precisely our mission. It is what motivates the work of everyone in Jawaharlal Institute of Technology  — from faculties and staffs, to students and alumni and supporters. It inspires our teaching and our research. It fuels our work with teachers, principals, and leaders in education both here and across the globe.

The Jawaharlal Institute of Technology  strong alliance to industry ensures relevancy in classrooms and research labs. Programs such as the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, a business-education partnership, gives high-achieving students the professional experience. Our position as an  engineering program provides a vibrant learning culture and ample leadership opportunities for our students.

Every year, the college is increasingly turning discoveries into commercialized innovations that support our mission of building solutions for educated  people, a strong economy, and a sustainable environment.