Shri Arun Ji Yadav

( ChaIRMAN ,Ex Minister of States, Member of Parliament )

The JNCET is in tune with its policy of excellence blended with ethics and humanity. We are committed to putting JIT on the highest pedestal of academic and technical values. JIT is focused on producing engineering professionals who can compete in the global arena. At the same time, there is no compromise regarding cultural, ethical and moral values to be infused into the young sprouting minds, so that they would be transformed into valuable assets of the society and the nation at large.Today JIT is known for its highest standards of discipline and academic excellence.

The seed sown years back has now resulted in a tree with ripening fruits of education, innovation, technical smartness, which is imparted to our students as well. For us, every student is our asset who represents the values and core principles of our college. JIT has a full-fledged world-class infrastructure and well equipped technical labs for the students to get a practical understanding of the programs and courses. For last 21 years, its stature and strength and have become one of the finest engineering institutions which are completely dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, enabling the young generations to meet the challenges of futuristic society. I hope and believe that JIT will continue to be a cherished destination for students with a passion for pragmatic technical skills and quality education.