It is an engineering discipline that works on the principles of physics and material science. It encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power as well as the design, production and use of machines and tools. JIT has well-equipped labs and workshops that lead to a solid understanding of core concepts like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer etc. Mechanical Engineering branch is an evergreen branch and there will never be any lack of scarcity of job opportunities in this field. This is an outstanding and versatile branch. Mechanical engineering deals with real life situation problem and provides an optimum feasible solution.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2001. It offers Under Graduate course (B.E.) in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and a Post Graduate course (M.E.) in Industrial Engineering Management.

In last 17 years, the department has earned a high reputation. Nearly 1000 graduates & postgraduates of this department are serving the profession today around the nation and globe.

Major Laboratories and Equipment :-

Besides training of student in conventional engineering trade practices like smithy, moulding, carpentry, fitting, turning, shaping & welding in traditional workshops, the students are exposed to laboratories like

o Foundry and forging Lab

o Material Testing Lab

o Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab

o CAED / CAD / CAM Lab

o Internal Combustion Engine lab / Energy Conversion Lab

o Heat transfer Lab

o Refrigeration & Air Condition

o Design Lab

o Fluid Mechanics & Machinery lab

o Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab

CNC Lathe Machine


Pillar drilling machine, Bench Grinding m/c, Arc welding transformer, Leg vice, Bench Vices, 150 sets of Hand tools etc, workshop was established in 2001 to enable the students to operate various welding/equipment independently so as to acquire thorough knowledge and develop competence in the field of welding. It mainly emphasis on the practical work associated with the industry. The trained students will help industries in the welding area to improve quality and work condition with high productivity.



Refrigeration & Air Condition

Our range of products include refrigeration test rig, refrigeration test rig with data logging facility, air conditioning test rig, air conditioning test rig with data logging facility, window air conditioning test rig and air conditioner trainer- duct type 1 ton capacity.

Dynamics of Machine

The Dynamics of Machine lab is also as important as Kinematic of Machine lab. The Dynamics of machine lab has great significance in the study of those machines where unbalance forces play a critical role. This lab enables the students to deal with the problems of balancing and gyroscopic effects. To understand the effect of unbalanced forces on the machine and to reduce their effects, Dynamics of machine lab is equipped with some essential experimental set ups. The students can study the methods of reducing the unbalance forces on the static and dynamic balancing machine. Watt governor, Porter governor, Hartnell governor are installed in the lab to study their performance, stability and sensitivity. Students can study the gyroscopic effect by conducting an experiment on the motorized gyroscope. Moment of inertia of connecting rod by compound pendulum method, tri-flair suspension pendulum can be found out through experiments. Thus, both Kinematics of machines lab and Dynamics of machine lab are developed in such a way that students can understand the basic concept of machines in a logical, innovative and lucid manner.


Fluid Mechanics & Machinery lab

Mechanical Engineering Department has different laboratories with state of art facilities. Fluid mechanics and Fluid machines labs have all new comprehensive experimental set-ups catering to the requirements of the curriculum and above that. The laboratories cater to the needs of mechanical students in the subject of fluid mechanics and fluid machines. It strengthens and broadens the students’ knowledge of incompressible fluid mechanics. To provide hands-on experience with flows that is more complex, nonlinear, or unsteady than are typically studied in a lecture course.

Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab

BME Lab, as the name suggests, is intended towards laying the foundation of the mechanical engineering and at the same time providing the basic understanding of the working principle of simple machines. The lab consists of equipment and models to understand working principle of boilers, their mountings and accessories and simple machines.